With over 17th years¡¯ experience in the manufacturing of Emergency Eyewash and Shower equipment, STG Safety Products is a highly respected leader in reliable and innovative products to protect people and provide emergency personal treatment. STG Emergency Eyewash & Shower is certified by CE, and STG QMS is certified by ISO9001£º2015,and four patents for Emergency Eyewash & Shower

eyewash and shower


   STG Safety Equipment Co.,Ltd., located in Dongtai city, Jiangsu Prov. PRC, started manufacturing operations in 2003. STG? developed its Emergency Eyewash and Shower products and self closing safety gate manufacturing business with a focus on solving problems for hazardous-area applications. Since our inception, STG? has designed and manufactured market-leading Emergency Eyewash and Shower equipment and self closing safety gate equipment
  1. In 2003 Established Guangzhou STG Safety Equipment Co.,Ltd
  2. In 2005 Established Wuxi STG Safety Equipment Co.,Ltd
  3. In 2009 Established Yancheng STG Safety Equipment Co.,Ltd


   STG conducts intensive research and development to enhance and expand our extensive line of Emergency Eyewash and Shower products. STG's three patent certificate Eyewash and redesigned safety station system are recent examples of product innovations that demonstrate our commitment to excellence in innovation and design. By following strict, exacting standards, STG Emergency Eyewash and Shower products meet all government and industry regulations£¨ANSI/ISEA Z358.1 2014 and EN15154:1/2/3/4 Emergency Eyewash & shower standard£©. Our markets include the chemical process, electronics, public utilities and primary metals production

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