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  With over 17th years¡¯experience in the manufacturing of Emergency Eyewash & Shower equipment and self closing safety gate, STG Safety Products is a highly respected leader in reliable and innovative products to protect people and provide emergency personal treatment. STG Emergency Eyewash & Shower is certified by CE, and STG QMS is certified by ISO9001£º2015,and four patents for Emergency Eyewash & Shower


  • In 2003 Established Guangzhou STG Safety Equipment Co.,Ltd
  • In 2005 Established Wuxi STG Safety Equipment Co.,Ltd
  • In 2009 Established Yancheng STG Safety Equipment Co.,Ltd

Emergency Eyewash and Shower Self Closing Safety Gate Self Closing Safety Gate
Emergency Eyewash and Shower B-P Self Closing Safety Gate B-X Self Closing Safety Gate

Mezzanine Gate
Mezzanine Gate

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