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Cold water emergency blending Eye Wash Station

P/N: 809002

Cold water emergency blending Eye Wash StationĄ¯s key functions are:

    1. Lower the interior water temperature of Eye Wash and supply pipe (in the areas where the weather is hot, sunshine makes the water be really hot, the water temperature is too high. Normally, the outlet water temperature of Eye Wash should be under 45Ąæ), to make the outlet water temperature is suitable for body.
    2. People can use Eye Wash normally when the water supply is cut off.

The overall design meets the requirements of ANSI Z358-1 2004 standard. This system supplies the water pressure and flow through the booster pump, itĄ¯s rated for 60GPM, it can supply 2 sets of Eye Wash to use at the same time. System equips recirculation pump, to make the water in the tank and supply pipes being fully blended, make the water temperature in the system is even.

This emergency system contains: check valve, strainer, cold water tank, booster pump, recirculation pump, low water level controller, safety valve, flow control switch and base and so on.

Using theory:
Water is provided to tank system through the check valve and strainer, the check valve controls the way of water flow, to prevent it from flowing backward. The strainer filtrate the impurities in the water.

The water is refrigerated through the tank, supplied to Eye Wash through the booster pump. The recirculation pump connects with tank, Eye Wash and supply pipes to exchange the water, keep the interior water temperature is even. The water temperature is controlled by the temperature controller set in the tank.

It fixes a flow control switch in the outlet of this system to control the operative mode of booster pump and recirculation pump. The recirculation pump started to work when the Eye Wash is standby, the booster pump doesnĄ¯t work; The booster pump started work when using Eye Wash, but the recirculation pump doesnĄ¯t.

On each Eye Wash equips flow control signal switch, it connects with anti-explosion amber and light flashing alarm, anti-explosion light and DCS system. Once the Eye Wash is used in the worksite, the switch started the alarm and light, warn the other people in the site that there has an accident, simultaneously, send a signal to central control room.

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