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Outdoor eye wash tempered water emergency system

  Eyewash tempered water emergency system's key function is: can use eye wash normally when the system has no water supply; make the temperature of outlet water be little hot during the cold weather. The design of overall system meets the requirements of ANSI Z358-1 2004 standard.

  The hot water supplied by electrical tempered system mixes with the cold water supplied by inlet pipe through the mixing valve, it makes the outlet water be little hot. This system provides the water supply pressure and flow of eye wash through the booster pump; ití»s rated for 71 GPM . It can supply for two eye wash at the same time. The expansion tank is used to make the pressure of systemí»s water outlet steady. The emergency system sets recirculation pump 12GPM to make the water in the insulated tank and the back-end pipe which connects the mixing valve circulate, it ensures the systemí»s water temperature is even; simultaneously, it also prevents the water in the pipe from freezing.

  The station is a steel-reinforced L*W*H=1900*1750*2600 mm wooden structure with bright yellow elastomeric chemically resistant waterproof coating, and protected with UV inhibitors. System equips space heater,úČThe size of the water inlet is 2í▒. There are strainers in the inlet of both the system and electrical tempered tank to avoid the impurity flowing into it. There is a check valve being settled in the inlet of system to avoid the water flowing backwards.

  This emergency system includes: check valve, strainer, electrical tempered tank, booster pump, recirculation pump, expansion tank, self-acting pressure balanced constant temperature mixing valve, flow-control signal switch and skid.

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